About InterVid Productions

InterVid Productions is a new ICT innovation company for the recruitment industry, allowing jobseekers to present themselves to an employer using the resources of broadcast quality video and the Internet. 

We capture footage of each candidate in a short interview that also shows their body language and interpersonal skills.

InterVid Productions is the brainchild of Barrie Blackmore, a professional broadcast cameraman and entrepreneur with over 25 years industry experience. 

Initially we are offering our service to the West Midlands but we plan to make it UK wide as quickly as we can.

InterVid Benefits

  • InterVid is applicable to all areas of the employment market – jobseekers, apprentices, employers and agencies - everyone can benefit.
  • We use broadcast quality video with intelligent streaming so you get to see and hear the Jobseeker properly without annoying buffering or poor quality sound.
  • The approach is focused on getting the right candidates in front of the right employers; quickly, easily and cost effectively.
  • Employers can quickly review and shortlist large numbers of candidates saving time and money, and leading to a more satisfactory end result.
  • Employers get a heads up on the personality and enthusiasm of the candidate while making their shortlisting decisions.
  • Candidates know they are in with a better chance of getting a job when they are invited for interview.
  • Candidates can get themselves in front of a large number of employers in a cost effective way and secure the right job more quickly.  We will soon be able to tell you when your profile has been viewed and speed up communication with employers.
  • Our intelligent streaming software automatically selects the right resolution for your bandwidth ensuring you can view the InterVid without annoying buffering for the majority of UK locations.

View a demo video which also shows the process of Intervid Production. Book your Intervid today !!

Whether you are looking for a job or trying to fill a vacancy you can benefit from using InterVid so why not register today?