How it works

Registering for InterVid is easy and it's free!

Just click on the register button, choose a user name and add your email, accept the terms of use and click the button for the type of account you want to register for - jobseeker, employer or agency.

As a new business we are currently offering Employers and Agencies a free  trial of our site with no commitments and no strings attached.

 After Registration


Can then create their own profile, book to have their InterVid filmed, when video is completed and uploaded to the website, we will also in bed the video into your CV so you can send your CV/Video to any employer.


When the employer has received your CV/video they can the read you’re CV and play your video showing them your body language passion and enthusiasm. If they consider you for an interview then they can just send you an appointment for you to be interviewed. If you have not received an email to invite you for an interview then an automated email will be sent out to stating that your application has not been accepted on this occasion.

InterVid is a powerful tool for quickly creating targeted short lists from the available jobseekers, significantly reducing recruitment time and costs during your selection stages.  

Recruitment Agencies can also register on the site to do jobseeker searches and post their own job vacancies.  

Getting your jobseeker InterVid Filmed

Call or email Barrie to book your InterVid shoot now if you live in the West Midlands. 

See our demo and compare it to the webcam CVs others are currently selling on the Internet.

The filming process takes about 10 minutes in a central office location.  You will meet our professional interviewer just before the shoot and they’ll explain what is going to happen and how to get the most out of your InterVid. 

Don’t worry if you are nervous, everyone is and our professional team will soon put you at ease.  Just remember to turn up dressed for an interview so your video creates the right impression of you.

Once filmed, the video is edited into a 60 second clip.  This is done to maintain the viewer's interest and does not misrepresent the jobseeker in any way.  The film is then posted on our secure website and linked to the jobseeker's profile.  

Your jobseeker profile is easy to create and replaces the written CV, although you will also be able to upload that as well if you want to.  You add all the usual details you would expect like contact details, education, employment history, training, references and a personal statement.  Everything you add is searchable and can help an employer to find you fast.  You can see an example on our demo page.

Applying for Job Opportunities

The InterVid site is designed to allow jobseekers to apply for vacancies posted on the site but it is also flexible enough to allow them to apply for jobs that are 'off site' that they may have seen in the papers or on a job board.  

All you need is an email address and you can use the tools on the site to quickly create a professional covering letter and application.

We even embed a profile link on your CV for you so that anyone who looks at it can just click to see your full InterVid profile.

Searching for candidates

Employers and agencies can use the search facility to find people looking for work in their industry.  You can search by key word, industry, job title and location so it is very flexible and fast. 

When you click on the InterVid picture you can see the video and the profile information in one place and it is all laid out the same way for everyone so you quickly learn where to look. 

If you like what you see just click the invite button or bookmark them so you can easily find them later.  You can even forward the details onto a colleague.


Many jobseekers have told us that they get disheartened by not getting feedback from employers. We have now come up with an answer, which is if an employer has not sent you an email from our website inviting you for an interview, then Seven days after the employer has opened your CV/video you will be sent an email stating that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Look out for lots of time saving features as we develop our site and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions too if you would like to contact us.

InterVid Technology

Recording Equipment

At InterVid we use broadcast quality industrial cameras, lighting and sound recording equipment. 

Each InterVid is carefully filmed with a trained field production crew and experienced interviewer. 

The film is then edited by our team using professional editing software and by a professional editor to produce the final video clip.

Encoding for the Web

InterVid video encoding covers all areas from very low bandwidth to the highest bandwidths.

We have developed technology on our site to ensure that most end users can view our interview videos worldwide using multi-bandwidth based video which provides intelligent streaming to virtually any device. When the end user clicks onto the video clip it intelligently finds their bandwidth and plays on most devices including iPad and iPhone. 

We deliver worldwide compatible streaming technology for all bandwidths to be able to get the message across without annoying buffering and breaks every few seconds.

Secure Hosted Site

The InterVid website allows secure access to any uploaded video clips for registered employers and agencies and is externally hosted in a UK data centre for improved performance and resilience. 

Access to the site is through user name and password authentication.  The site is dedicated to InterVid with the facility for Jobseekers to create custom profiles and advanced search facilities to make it even easier for employers to find suitable candidates.

We listen to our customers and act on their feedback to improve our site and our services. 

If you have any feedback on the InterVid site or your experience with InterVid Productions then please contact us.